Winter 2023 Pantry Press Newsletter

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Winter 2023 Pantry Press Newsletter
A Note From Stephen

As the year ends, the need for New York Common Pantry’s services has grown exponentially and we are meeting this growing need. Steady inflation, the continued high cost of basic necessities, and stagnating wages all contribute to the increased demand for our services. Add the surge in migrants The Pantry is seeing, and NYCP is helping more people than ever before.

To meet these challenges, we have grown our Mobile food response by enhancing relationships with other community-based organizations, service locations and elected officials representing low-income communities. To support the migrants coming to NYCP, we assess their needs and offer other key services in addition to food aid.

All of our programs have been experiencing extraordinary growth, including our hygiene services, case management services, and nutrition education. In addition, NYCP has strategic partnerships with leading medical institutions to increase ancillary health and medical services, offering guests a “one stop shop” to address their needs.

Our new Hub enables us to purchase food in bulk for substantial savings and allows our growing food rescue program to facilitate large-scale produce deliveries. Through The Roundtable: Allies for Food Access, we are partnering with Sharing Excess, giving us even more access to fresh produce. All savings are reinvested into our food programs, so we can serve more people.

NYCP is welcoming in the New Year from a position of strength, grateful for all your ongoing loyalty and support. We look forward to expanding our services and reaching more underserved neighborhoods throughout NYC to help even more families in the coming year.

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