THERE’S A BIG PROBLEM IN OUR CITY.  An estimated 1.4 million New Yorkers rely on emergency food programs, including soup kitchens and pantries, each year. 

As a result, last year New York Common Pantry worked to alleviate hunger through the following 2019 programmatic goals and outcomes:


Choice Pantry Manhattan

  1. To provide 1,800,000 meals

Exceeded: CPM = 1,905,006 meals

  1. To add 2,000 new families

Exceeded: CPM added 2,196 new families


Choice Pantry Bronx

  1. To provide 650,000 meals

Exceeded: CPB = 756,642

  1. To add 2,500 new families

Reached 65%: CPB added 1,650 new families


Choice Pantry Overall

  1. To ensure at least 40% of food we offer is fresh produce.

Exceeded: reached 41%



Hot Meals

  1. To provide 14,000 individuals with 70,000 meals through breakfast, dinner, and brown bag

Partially Reached/Exceeded: Provided 13,326 individuals with 91,202 meals



  1. To provide 13,038 individuals with 3,598,433 meals

Exceeded: Provided 13,450 individuals with 3,712,361 meals


Help 365

  1. To ensure 1,500 households receive benefits

Exceeded: 1,991 households received benefits

  1. To ensure 20 households receive financial counseling

Exceeded: 33 households received financial counseling


Help 365 Mobile

  1. To submit 1,548 SNAP applications, securing 950 approvals

Exceeded: Submitted 1,860 submitted, secured 1,155 approvals


Project Dignity

  1. To help 30 people receive on-site psychiatric services

Exceeded: helped 43 people receive on-site psychiatric services

  1. To help 50 people acquire public benefits (SNAP, Medicaid, cash assistance)

Exceeded: helped 159 people acquire public benefits


Live Healthy!

  1. At least 70% of people will demonstrate goals to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption.

Exceeded: 94% indicated they would increase fruit and vegetable consumption to 2-3 servings per day.

  1. At least 70% of people will demonstrate goals to increase physical activity 10 minutes a day.

Exceeded: 87% indicated they would be more physically active


NY Common Pantry


  1. To maintain 70,000 volunteer hours through 21,000 volunteer shifts agency wide.

Exceeded: Maintained 81,405 hours through 24,179 shifts


New York Common Pantry will continue to bridge the gap in alleviating food insecurity and creating a safe and welcoming environment where our members have access to fresh food, nutrition education, and case management services.

Thank you for standing with New York Common Pantry in the fight against hunger and food insecurity! To learn more about how you can make a difference please contact