The State of Hunger Webinar

The State of Hunger Webinar in NYC

The rise of obstacles in food insecurity continues:

  • The reduction of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits that took effect in March of this year
  • The upcoming increase in job requirements for those relying on SNAP
  • Prolonged COVID-related poverty 
  • Inflation and the high cost of food
  • The loss of government “emergency food funding” initiated during COVID

Residents of New York are struggling with one crisis after another. Limited access to food can cause various disadvantages and add additional stress that negatively impacts the health and well-being of individuals and families.  

Our boots-on-the-ground, culturally-sensitive approach to feeding those in need throughout the city gives New York Common Pantry (NYCP) a unique perspective on the food insecurity crisis.

The State of Hunger webinar provided perspective on the current issues facing New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity and how New York Common Pantry is helping. And we have the capacity to do even more.

The webinar features:

  • Stephen Grimaldi, NYCP Executive Director, who will provide an overview of the issue on a national/state and city level; review the level of need and put a face on those hit hardest by food insecurity, based on the new data from The True Cost of Living report. He also will address how NYCP works directly with people in need and serve communities where residents don’t meet government requirements for support services.

  • Diana Duarte, one of NYCP’s Help 365 Bilingual Case Managers, who will recount her hands-on experience working directly with our guests, relaying their concerns and telling their stories to heighten our understanding of the issues facing nearly 3 million NYC residents.

Link to the recording here

NYCP recently purchased and is renovating a 23,000 sq ft Food Storage and Distribution Hub. The new space will enable us to store nearly double the amount of food (including refrigeration of more produce), so we will be able to serve double the amount of families we are serving now at a lower cost per meal, saving roughly 20-25% on certain orders. We are raising money for this facility’s upgrades, to increase the fleet to serve those new sites, and purchase even more food and hire the staff to distribute it.

If you are interested in getting involved, there are so many ways you can help.

  1. Spread the word – tell people about the issue of food insecurity and mention how we assist those in the community in need
  2. Volunteer – come and see us in action! You can organize a group of friends or coworkers, or volunteer yourself.
  3. Consider making a donation – as mentioned we purchase nearly 70% of our food and the need continues to increase.
  4. Start a drive – throughout the year we collect food and other goods which we utilize to make our Pantry packages.