New York Common Pantry to be Supplied with Local, Organic Produce as Bhumi Farms Shifts to Donor-Based Structure

Donor-Based Bhumi Farms Is Giving Organic Produce Away to New Yorkers

Frank Trentacoste, who went from finance to farming, sees his organic farm as a conduit for the exchange of wealth
By Andy Wang • 04/24/17 6:30am

Frank Trentacoste at the Bhumi farm stand in East Hampton. 
Photo credit: Peter Trentacoste

It starts with a seed.

No single person is going to fix the world’s food-supply and food-inequality issues, but Hamptons farmer Frank Trentacoste understands that it’s important to get your hands dirty and do what you can.

So Trentacoste’s Bhumi Farms in Amagansett has announced that it’s becoming a completely donor-based, not-for-profit enterprise. It will give away nearly all of its organic produce, thousands of pounds each year, to organizations that are dedicated to fighting hunger. Trentacoste will start by providing food to New York Common Pantry and The Bronx’s POTS.

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