Geeta Fleck, Volunteer at New York Common Pantry

Geeta is currently a volunteer at New York Common Pantry and team leader with New York Cares at several projects around NYC. She studied psychology as an undergraduate at U. Chicago and has an M.S. Ed. from City College. Geeta lives in Manhattan, and is a fiber arts enthusiast (knitting, crocheting, weaving, macrame) as well as a mom. She volunteered on a farm in Northern India for 2 years in her twenties, and it has been one of her most profound experiences to date! 


Q: How did you first hear about New York Common Pantry?
A: I heard about New York Common Pantry first through the New York Cares site. The first project I signed up for was the unloading shift on a Tuesday in the fall of 2023.

Q: What do you enjoy most or what is your favorite thing about interning/volunteering at NYCP?
A:  The things I enjoy most about volunteering at NYCP are the community of volunteers who are all so great as well as being able to directly help fellow New Yorkers.

Q: What motivates you to give back to the community at NYCP?
A: I am motivated to give back to the community at NYCP because “I’ve looked at life from both sides now” having lived all over the world and in different parts of this country, too. I’ve been fortunate in so many ways, but have also seen suffering and disparity due to limited food and housing access. Here in New York, we often see that disparity play out on a given day, and it can be disturbing if we don’t act. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help.

Q: How has interning/volunteering at NYCP made an impact on you?
A: Volunteering at NYCP has made an impact on me because I feel utilized in a positive way as well as connected to a charitable and philanthropic organization. Furthermore, I have met really wonderful people at NYCP who volunteer and give their time. The staff is always warm and endearing, too.

Q:  What message would you share with someone who is considering volunteering?
A: I would encourage anyone who is considering volunteering at NYCP to do so because it is good for the soul to provide meals and groceries to fellow New Yorkers in need. Some of the tasks require concentration and strength while other tasks allow you to chat and connect with other volunteers while you work. Either way, you are bringing food one step closer to those who are food insecure in the boroughs, and I always feel great about it!